Footballers do it on two wheels...

I was out with the Better Half for a bike ride around Hackney Marshes recently and grabbed these shots.  Footballers do it on two wheels..


For those unfamiliar with the Marshes they're a huge, almost traffic-free space of public land in East London, bordering the 2012 Olympic Park.  It's criss-crossed with cycling trails and very popular with riders of all backgrounds and abilities.  Despite purportedly having the most goal posts in one place in the entire world, sadly this great public resource will be off-limits for much of this year whilst the Marshes host a temporary coach park for visitors to the Games. 

Still, whether you're commuting to work, or pedalling down to kick about practise, you're better off by bike! 

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Younus khan said...

What a great thing for the younger ones, and what a wonderfully safe way for them to learn balance. That was the hardest part of learning to ride a bike ever!